Welcome to the Brewie community forum.

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Welcome to the Brewie community forum.

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This forum has been created to accumulate information about our brewing machines.

Here we can share DIY repairs, part information, recipes +++

Please register to access the forum

We are currently looking for mods and suggestions to improve the forum.
Please use the feedback board if you can contribute in any way.


The acceptable topics include: Brewie operations and troubleshooting, Brewie news, brewing progress, recipes, customizations and other discussions intended to benefit Brewie owners.

The topics do not include reporting issues to Brewie (use their official support channels) or promoting other products.


- No product bashing. We all want the company and the product to be successful. Bashing Brewie when things have not worked in your favour does not help anyone's situation. If posts are not constructive, the admin team will remove them.
- Be friendly and respectful to all other members of the group, targeting other members will not be tolerated.
- Please search the forum for related previous postings, before creating a new post.
- Report anything you feel is necessary.